Venture building

Access ideas, creative thinking and new digital products.

Our strategic, creative and ideas bar offering enables clients to explore innovative thinking through collaborations and access to the Oser network and partners.


Start-up Intros

Introductions to innovative high growth startups and founders across:

Female Founders
Under 30s

Innovation Workshop

A strategic offering to enable clients to explore 'What-if' thinking, through collaborations and access to the Oser partner network.

We work with clients on a retained and project basis, working with in-house teams.

New Digital Products

A plug-in service to work on a specific business problem and providing a 'plug-in and play' solution for our clients.

Tech plug-ins
Product innovation
Creative problem solving

As a business with big ambitions for the future , we needed some high level strategic and entrepreneurial thinking to future plan and work up marketing campaigns to drive our business forward. Oser gave us the framework to so this, setting metrics and changing the way we plan our business.

- Thomas O'Malley, Williams Bakery
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Book a 20 minute intro call to discover how you can benefit from access to ideas, creative thinking and innovation.



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