What is it?

A high-level interactive online strategic session, focused around defining your business challenges to guide macro thinking across business and marketing strategies.

Designed to be fluid in order to unearth what the real issue is for the business and offering potential strategies to problem solve across; the business model, investment stage, media channels, advertising tactics, metrics, budget, time period, and resource requirements.

Why do you need it?

Often it is hard, when you're too close to the business, to gain clarity on what you need to do strategically in order to drive the business forward. Sometimes there is a rough plan of objectives, marketing campaign ideas or channels that you want to explore, but the plan needs structure.

Our online interactive sessions use our specifically crafted prompt cards to start to map out where you think you are, and what you think the problem is.

Then together, utilising our experienced strategists, we can help to uncover the real issue, crystallise the thinking and start to build a strategic framework to work from, ensuring you don't waste precious time and money and giving your team a clear focus..

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.

Michael Porter

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