The team at Trackd were looking to run an exciting global campaign with iconic artist Dave Stewart, to capitalise on people being at home during Covid-19, giving them the opportunity to unleash their creativity and drive traction through new customer app downloads.

We worked on the marketing strategy to ensure that the campaign objectives were clear and the right metrics were put in place. Then we created a campaign framework, developing a channel strategy and comms messaging for the team to add the detail to across PR, social, paid for advertising and a clear partnership strategy.

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We had a campaign idea featuring the legendary Dave Stewart that we wanted to activate quickly at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak. Oser helped us to shape our thinking and set campaign objectives and metrics to create a solid campaign framework, as well as work out our channel and partner strategy for our in-house team to execute.

The strategic and creative thinking from Oser really helped us to deliver a hugely successful global campaign - we’ll be working with them on future projects for sure.

Russell Sheffield
Founder Trackd

Where to start?

We always start with two key questions - where are you now and where do you want to be? Then we figure out how to get you there. Faster and more efficiently.


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